Netmarble’s pre-historic pet-collecting mobile MMORPG StoneAge World for the App Store and Google Play recently launched their monthly update for the title that introduces a number of seasonal events and prizing for Trainers of all levels and sizes to participate and collect.


Starting today, two new events exclusive to the Ramir and Veldor family of prehistoric pets are now live and will run until Sept. 24. Both events allow players a higher chance of capturing pets from the associated families, with Ramir-type pets populating the second floor of Ayu’s Cave, while Veldor-type pets are located on the second floor of the Forest Cave. The balance to the Ramir, Veldor, and Kaki pets have also been upgraded as part of this event.


Also available to players today are the newly-added Manmo Lucky Tickets to StoneAge World’s item shop. If three or more of the same Trainers come out by scratching the Lucky Ticket, players will receive one item from an assortment of prizes you win. The rank is calculated according to the number of the same Trainer. For the best winners, those redeeming tickets with six Trainers of the same type will yield a S~S+ level of 4★ Pet Exchange Ticket.


To celebrate the autumn season, Stone Discount Event will be held for players to start growing pets that have been delayed. Players will receive up to 50% sale on Pet Training Stones and Modify Pet Growth Rate Stones.


StoneAge World takes the concept of pet-collection and role-playing game (RPG) mechanics and seamlessly blends them together with a delightful and venturesome MMO experience set in a whimsically inspired take on prehistoric societies. Set in the land of Tectonika, players will embrace the role of “Trainer,” a powerful warrior who collects, tames, and trains pets to protect the land from enemies. With over 270 pets including dinosaurs, wooly mammoths, pigs, wolves and more, players will have their hands full defending Tectonika against unknown enemies from the up-and-coming Machine Civilization and exploring the unique quirks of prehistoric society.


StoneAge World is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play, with supporting languages in English, Korean, Chinese (simplified / traditional), Japanese and Thai available for players. More information on StoneAge World can be found on the official website ( and on the game’s official Facebook.