Netmarble has announced that BTS Universe Story, an all-new interactive social game based on global superstars BTS, will be released September 24 (KST).


The interactive social game lets players directly participate in the creation and development of stories within the game, selecting choices throughout that lead to different outcomes. With a variety of stories based on the BTS Universe, BTS Universe Story provides a “Story Creation” mode where anyone can easily create their own story using in-game production tools, as well as a “Story Playthrough” mode that lets players select choices in pre-existing stories to shape the story line.


In addition, the game features a “Collection” mode, letting players collect clothes and accessories to style the characters in the BTS Universe, along with the capability to capture AR photos with their own customized characters.


Coinciding with the launch date announcement, the “BTS Daily Photo Card Event” is now available and gives players an advance look at BTS Universe Story. Available through the official BTS Universe Story site ( until September 17, the event gives players the opportunity to acquire photo cards featuring a character from the BTS Universe that is updated daily. Once a photo card is secured, players can then keep the card or share it with other players.


Netmarble will continue to share more information leading into the BTS Universe Story release though exclusive video content and various events.


For more information on BTS Universe Story, please visit the official site or follow BTS Universe Story on Twitter and YouTube.


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