With its experienced team, QA department makes the game and application tests. The team continuing its works since 2009, uses its experience to guarantee the quality of the games.

Provided Test Supports

Functional Test: It is the test type in which the functions of the tested software are observed.
Compatibility Test: It is the test type in which the software is controlled whether it works under different hardware and operating system in a defined standard.

Network Test: It is the test type in which the software in tested in different network conditions in order to understand whether its features work properly or not and its performance is observed.

Playability Test: It is test type in which the game is played and observed independently from the test case and whether there is a problem or not is understood.

Localization Test: It is the test type in which the translation and localization studies of the game are confirmed. The translations are controlled whether they are suitable for the game or not.

Version Acceptance Test: It is the preliminary test made to detect the big problems before starting to the test process.

Retrospective Test: It is made to control whether the problems detected in the previous test are fixed or not.
In this test, the most important thing is to ensure while fixing a problem, another function is not broken down

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