Seven Knights Announces Diaochan Remake and Raid Improvement

  • Awakened Feng Yan, Remake of Diaochan are specialized to daily dungeon
  • To improve raid and enhance players convenience
  • To hold event in celebration of the newest update to the gam18

Netmarble Games today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights announced Awakened Feng Yan, the remake of Diaochan, along with raid improvement.

New character Feng Yan is a magical hero featuring a huge sword with eye-capturing skills. Awakened Feng Yan boasts the skill called Flying Dragon Sword, which gives four consecutive magical damages to four opponents.

One of the beloved characters in the game, Diaochan was also remade and now expected to enjoy greater popularity based on her high efficiency. Diaochan with increased capacities for skills, as well as viability and striking power, is able to override the damages striking her sides more times.

“The players can efficiently use Feng Yan and Diaochan remade in Daily Dungeon by utilizing special options,” said Netmarble. “Using special option will boost skill efficiency.”

Advanced raid also offers a greater convenience for players. Players can now summon a dragon Destroyer Gaze whenever they want, differently from the past when the Gaze was given by a random probability only.

Player should first fill the summoning gauge through adventure, and then call Destroyer Gaze to start battle. Those, who do not have sufficient time to fill the gauge and promptly initiate combat, can spend in-game golds and run raid.

Netmarble curtailed play time by editing the long motions of Destroyer Gaze, and let the players to choose the level of dragon they want.

Players can receive raid rewards at once, as Netmarble began providing up to 3 rewards at the same time. Besides, awakening raid is no longer in service, and the players will receive Dragon Essence and Awakening Shards(item) as the first raid rewards every day.

Raid combat will be run by main attack team and sub attack team, instead of attack team 1 and attack team 2 earlier. The hero from sub attack team will automatically join the raid when a hero at main attack team dies. Netmarble enabled the players to reserve or automatically designate the order of the heroes who will enter the battle.

In celebration of the newest update to the game, Netmarble will run an event until August 31, giving away 6-star Hero Ticket to those who awaken Feng Yan.

The players, who make event achievements until September 7, will be eligible for bonus benefits. The event achievements include the contents opened to all, such as winning three Arenas and five Adventures, and the players can exchange the points earned with Revolutionaries Item Selector, 6-star Hero Selector, Awakening Shards(heroes), and 6-star Four Lords/4 Lords of Old Hero Selector.

Furthermore, Netmarble will 6-star Hero Selectors to 100 draw winners among those who posted tips for the highest level of daily dungeons on the Seven Knights Mobirum(URL) or Faceboook(URL).

A turn-based mobile RPG enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 500 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (



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