Netmarble celebrates the 2nd Anniversary of Knights Chronicle

Netmarble today announced that it celebrates the 2nd anniversary after launch and brings massive update to animation RPG Knights Chronicle.


With this update, the new Adventure Area 14 Shadow Guild – the Third Division’ has been added. Players can find the story of the world’s salvation along with the hidden background story of the awakening of popular heroes. Players can find the hidden story after clearing the ‘hard’ difficulty level story.

The awakening of the White Knights ‘Marduk’ has been available. Awakened Marduk has a strong appearance in the arena and boss battles by acquiring strong passive skills as well as upgrading existing abilities.

New SSR hero Maruhan is newly added as well. Maruhan is a water-based attacking character that deals with the harmony of yin and yang. His leader skill increases the probability of counter-attacks of all allies.

Ysabella, one of the most popular character of this game, is now owns new swimsuit costume ‘Midsummer Nights Healer’.

Netmarble holds various events celebrating this update. Players can acquire various rewards just from ‘2nd Anniversary Check-in Event. Also, from ‘Coin Collection/Exchange Event’, players can acquire Awakening Essense, 4-star SSR selector and many more.

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (

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