Netmarble announces new special pet ‘Bran&Bron’ Update for Seven Knights

  • Branze & Bransel’s Pet ‘Bran & Bron’ to appear


Netmarble today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights brings new special pet ‘Bran&Bron’ along with many other updates.


Newly added ‘Bran & Bron’ is a special pet of ‘Branze & Bransel’. Special pet can be awakened, and obtains Cheering skill, which is its passive skill.


‘Hero’s Sanctum’ system is now available as well. Players can strengthen heroes by registering and consuming identical hero. Find out more in-game for the details.


Netmarble celebrates the update and bring out celebration event.


For ‘2020 Special Jumping Check-in’, players can get ‘4★ Seven Knights of Old, Gelidus’, Celestial Accessory Selector’, and rubies. Also, players can acquire ‘Cheer Power Up material, Pet Essence’ and pet ‘Setz’ with ‘Step-up Summon Event’. 


More details about the game can be found at the brand website (


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