Mobile RPG Seven Knights Releases Awaken Generals Knox, Rook and Chancellor

− Added new PvE items called Revolutionaries items
− Introduced Item Synthesis system that can create special gears
– Netmarble will give away hot items to players who log in by Aug. 31

Netmarble Games today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights released an update and introduced three Awaken generals, namely Knox, Rook and Chancellor.

With their less remarkable appearance, Knox, Rook and Chancellor have long been beloved as they perform their roles faithfully. However, these Awaken generals are now expected to be re-evaluated by many players, thanks to more gorgeous dflooks and stronger capabilities.

Particularly, their new awaken skills are potent enough to change the course of battles. Knox is more adept at instantly killing an enemy, Rook is more capable at protecting his forces, and Chancellor is demonstrating a formidable skill giving 210% greater damage to the entire enemy.

Seven Knights also added Revolutionaries items. They can be utilize in PvE contents, such as castle rush, boss battle, raid, and celestial tower, and obtainable by points collected in boss battle.

With this update, Netmarble introduced Item Synthesis, a system that produces special gears by combining and fusing a certain number of gears and jewels. The system which randomly constructs high level gears and jewels, such as Awakened Four Lord of Old item Selector, 6★ Boss Jewel Ticket, 6★ Raid item Ticket, will raise the usability of items kept in the players’ inventory.

Seven Knights puzzle which guarantees special hero added Miho, one of the latest special heroes, to its list. The players who collects all heroes of Region 1 to 11 will earn special heroes, and especially from this time can try for Miho.

Furthermore, Seven Knights is running a log-in event until August 31, giving away bountiful rewards, including three Special Hero Selectors, Special Pet Selector and Awakened Normal Hero Selector.

A turn-based mobile RPG enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and fostering over 500 kinds of characters.

Seven Knights is now available free-to-download via Google Play and AppStore.
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App Store:

More details about the game can be found at the brand website (

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