Vivien Reid and Teferi Now Available for Players as Part of the Latest Update

Netmarble Corp. has announced a March update to Magic: ManaStrike, Netmarble’s first-ever
game for the Wizards of the Coast franchise Magic: The Gathering, available on March 25. The update introduces two more storied Planeswalkers to the game, along with additional offers and enhancements.

New Planeswalkers coming to Magic: ManaStrike as part of the update include Vivien Reid, the Green-aligned ranger who conjures the spirits of fierce creatures using her bow, and Teferi, the White/Blue mage from Dominaria who commands powerful time magic. Both Planeswalkers are now available for players to unlock in game.

Other additions to Magic: ManaStrike as part of the March update include:

 The introduction of Magic Pass – Vivien Season
 A new Magic Pass skin for Mardu’s High Chief Angrath
 An all-new sale celebrating the debut of Teferi

Magic: ManaStrike takes the excitement of Magic: The Gathering’s vast lore in a whole new direction with a fast-paced PVP strategy game. After losing a war with the Planeswalkers, Magic: The Gathering’s most powerful villain Nicol Bolas creates a parallel universe to find the Planeswalkers’ weaknesses. Players enter a contract with Nicol Bolas to provide combat data
by controlling Planeswalkers and units in his universe. Fast-paced and easy to learn, fans can experience dynamic real-time battles with anyone from around the world in three-minute matches. During battle, players will be able to summon units, cast spells, and command powerful Planeswalkers with simple tap and drag gameplay and iconic Magic: The Gathering
cards re-envisioned through high-quality 3D. By collecting new cards from Magic’s five unique Mana colors – White, Blue, Black, Red and Green, players will learn to understand each color’s traits, and create unique strategies that lead the way to victory.

Magic: ManaStrike is available to download on the App Store and Google Play and is globally launched, and supports 13 languages including English, Korean, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian and Portuguese.

For more information, please visit Magic: ManaStrike’s official website and forum. Also, please follow Magic: ManaStrike on Facebook and Twitter.

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