The latest update also includes new uniforms, reward packs, alliance system upgrades, and more.
SEOUL, Korea – Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, released a new update bringing Marvel’s Inhumans to […]

– Newly added Ranged Weapon features fascinating skills and powerful blows
– Lunar Event Adventure Region with Eastern characters opened
– Netmarble will be conducting 300th day anniversary event… Giving away varied rewards including new ranged weapon.

Netmarble Games(“Netmarble”) announced […]

− Netmarble will give way eight special heroes through log-in event
− Li features more compelling specs
− Changes in Boss Battle…. The levels of difficulty combined and […]

– New Adventure Region Vampire Gateway added… Players can earn Legendary Belt and Accessories
– Act 13, 14 in Adventure Season 3 opened while character level was lifted to 56
– Lunar New Year Event will give away bountiful rewards […]

− Highest character level has increased from 40 to 46
− The characters now have more proportional body and mature appearance
− Seven Knights had collaboration with […]

Additional updates include new uniforms, a new uniform upgrade system, New Year’s events and stages, and improvements to user interface. SEOUL, Korea (January 11, 2017) – Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, […]

−  Muay Thai master Klahan features some of the most fascinating skills

−  Netmarble will be conducting event in celebration of Klahan’s first public appearance

Netmarble Games(“Netmarble”) announced today that its mobile RPG Seven Knights introduced Klahan, the […]

Introduced Daily Raid with new raid bosses at five levels in total
Added new Frost Weapon and Belt… Opened Act 9 and 10 in Adventure Season 3
Netmarble will conduct a number of […]

Final Shot received three new maps in total; Desert White Hill with snow-covered landscape, Launch Site where close battle occurs at the site of satellite launch, H Street where combat occurs at city construction sites […]

Beginning today, MARVEL Future Fight welcomes seven new Asgardian characters, including Odin, Fandral, Hogun, Volstagg, Enchantress, Ulik and Hela. Three new uniforms will also debut: Thor will receive an Unworthy Uniform (inspired by the new […]

Newly unveiled gears include Bestial Belt and Renegade Belt. Each character will receive two, making new gears six in total. Lowering the amount of damage, Bestial Belt gives extra strength and defense capabilities, while Renegade […]

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd, today announced the development of Star Wars: Force Arena, a real-time PvP game based on the globally popular Star Wars […]

A beginning of a new story, Adventure Season 3 is opened when completing the last act of Season 2. Netmarble is going to open a new act every Monday, following Act 1 and 2 brought […]

Seven Knights opened a dungeon that various monsters dwell. The Halloween dungeon which will be opening during the limited period will offer not only festive atmosphere, but also event rewards, including in-game golds and special […]

The Future Fight universe now welcomes key characters and uniforms inspired by Marvel’s Doctor Strange, and thrilling new combat content. Of the eight Doctor Strange characters joining MARVEL Future Fight, Doctor Strange, Mordo, Wong and […]