Exciting Events and Updates Awaits More Players to Enjoy

Netmarble Corp. announced the 5th Anniversary updates of Seven Knights, with various events and rewards. The update will continue for 3 consecutive weeks including Celestial Guardians Reginleif, Brawl Remake, Mythical Awakened Jewel and may more to come.


Today’s major update includes Brawl Remake, which is remake of original Brawl. The remake allows maximum 20 characters and depending on the item setting, it is changed to a method to compete for damage by attacking with thrash and calculate the ranking.


To celebrate the 5th anniversary, Rudy will be awakened and Celestial Guardians Reginleif will be newly added as well. Also, Mythical Awakened Jewel level has been upgraded. One more option is added randomly to the option stats of existing gems, with 3 awakening gems of the same option given as well as mythic awakening structure through the goods.   


Various events are available for players to enjoy the 5th anniversary. First, for returning players, Netmarble prepared various rewards such as Awakened Special Hero Selector (Lv.50) x3 and 3,000 Ruby. Also, there will be daily check-in event starting from 10/8 to 10/22, where rewards are given to all players who logs on to the game. Specific rewards include 4★ Seven Knights of Old Selector x2 and 3 Special Accessories includes Luxurious Berserker’s Ring (1 each).


Netmarble recently published Seven Knights Webtoon called ‘Light Chase’, ‘Desert Seed’ and ‘Crescent’. The recent series of ‘Time Wanderer’ is being published from September 10 to October 29. For more details, please check


Seven Knights has been available in over 150 countries worldwide since its global launch in October 2015, on both the App Store and Google Play, and has achieved 60 million of cumulative download across the globe. A turn-based mobile RPG enjoying great popularity worldwide, Seven Knights offers the fun of collecting and fostering about 700 kinds of characters with intense turn-based battles.


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