Netmarble Corp., a worldwide leader in mobile games, announced today that it has nominated Seungwon Lee, currently the Chief Global Officer, as the new co-CEO of the company. He will officially be appointed by the board of directors on February of 2020.


Based on the nomination, Lee and the incumbent CEO, Young-sig Kwon, will be co-CEO’s leading the company. Kwon will focus primarily on Netmarble’s game business, and Lee will head the company’s overall management and global operations. 


Lee’s new appointment as co-CEO comes as the company continues to strengthen its competitiveness within its core games business and further expand its global operations.


Lee, a graduate of Seoul National University and a Master of Business Administration at INSEAD, previously served as Head of Korea Marketing for Yahoo from 2005 to 2006. Since 2007, he served as Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Netmarble Games (formerly CJ Internet) and as Senior Vice President of Global Strategy at Netmarble Games (formerly CJ ENM Game Division). As Chief Global Officer, Lee has been leading Netmarble’s overall global business since 2014, contributing to Netmarble’s successful expansion to global market.  

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