3. Wolfteam Clan Tournament Completed

Turkey is the most popular and best game Wolfteam, traditional big turnuvalarina continued this year. 3. Large Clan Tournament finally was completed and it was determined the best 3 klani Wolfteam. Congratulations to them all.   1. ELCLASICO   2. SiLverBarreL   3. HellBorn   http://www.klanturnuvasi.com/to visit our pages and you can find more information […]

IMA – Outsanding Achievement Award

More than 10 million members in the last two years while giving high-quality service, we split down the prize this time was we’ve added two awards from abroad. The IMA‘s (Interactive Media Awards) maximum 2. Joygame seen fit to reward “Games in the category of” Community “and” & Playing “Outstanding Achievement Award” the award is […]

About the SHR

SHR in 2009 as producer and Publisher, since the Organization of the digital entertainment industry in game lovers serving the Turkey’s leading online game publisher and is one of the largest gaming companies. The company’s goal of closing the gap in the digital entertainment sector, Turkey is a Turkish game lovers a service concept that […]

One More Award to Joygame

our quality services more than 10 million members, while the last 2 years we won prizes at this time, we have added two awards from abroad. The IMA‘s (Interactive Media Awards) maximum 2. Joygame seen fit to reward “Games in the category of” Community “and” & Playing “Outstanding Achievement Award” award success threw his signature. […]

SHR Management Team

SHR Group CEO – Baris Özistek SHR Group Marketing Director – Ozan Aydemir SHR Group IT Director – Volkan Özugur SHR Group Finance Director – Yesim Algan Joygame MENA Regional Director – Can Gürel SHR Group Creative Director – Mustafa Atesel

S2 ‘s Passing In The Middle Of August The Full Edition

Q2: the latest weapons, Turkey’s Web-based and Client-based Online Games Portal Joygame’s, 2012, will hit the mark on the brand new Online FPS game! Four different costumes, kind of sort of guns, can be modified products, tactical and strategic maps, endless action with latest weapons-S2, Online First Person Shooter games waiting for everyone who loves […]

Best of Turkey’s maNga and ZombiRock The Same on Stage!

Yes, Turkey is already in one of the first in the world with a project that is an instance of coverage. According to us are the best group of Turkey maNga, now Turkey’s number 1 MMO Action (mmo action) game in ZombiRock. First of all, as Joygame are the best to offer our players and […]

Joygame Hunter Team(JHT)

What is JHT? Joygame, for those who want to work in a private team of volunteers, Joygame Hunter Team (JAT) is called. This special teams played their games I’ve ever Joygame, then Joygame with mind-map where all the members are bonded. The primary goal of the JAT will be allocated by city, every city Joygame […]

The New Member Of The Family Joygame: Joymoby!

Joymoby, Turkey’s best online gaming and entertainment center is a member of the family of Joygame. Our new service Joymoby our experiences in the Joygame in the mobile games also will share with you. Joygame Joymoby dynamic study in spirit, by continuing in the Valley, we offer hundreds of fun mobile game from each other […]

Joygame Store Opened!

Our players expect in years Joygame Store finally opened. Soon thousands of product which will continue to service our shop to players, their popular games t-shirt, play figures and key to everything from choosing the right airport and flight. Our hero is soon on you!

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