Netmarble Corp is kicking off the two-year anniversary of its ambitious next-generation mobile fishing game Fishing Strike with the implementation of Club Competition, an all-new real-time battle mode for Anglers and their affiliated Clubs to be featured as the highest ranked Club in-game. Two Anniversary-exclusive events and other enhancements are also available for players to reel-in and collect.

Fishing Strike’s Club Competition allows every Angler in their Club to participate in 30 given opportunities given per fishing spot automatically. By catching target fish, Anglers will earn ‘Fish Points’ that contribute to a club’s overall rank, with Stages 1~5 being added for club completion. Clubs that surpass Level 5 will receive a complimentary Club Tank. In addition to receiving bonus rewards just for participating, Anglers now have five new Named Fish and 70 fish added for Club Competition, along with four new Fishing Equipment, to look forward to collect.

Netmarble is also celebrating Fishing Strike’s anniversary with two in-game events – The Pearl Collection Event and the Bingo Event. Starting today, players can collect pearls through missions and exchange these for various rewards like Gold, Legend Boxes, and Medium-quality Energy Drinks. As Anglers complete missions, they can also complete bingo boards to receive a variety of items just by playing the game. The Pearl Collection event will run until May 12 and Bingo Event will run until May 21.

Fishing Strike offers a unique and hyper-realistic mobile fishing experience as players travel the globe and cast their lines in the hopes of collecting the best fish in the world. Fishing Strike is currently available worldwide and offers over 1000 species of fish for players to catch, over 30 anglers to choose from, and nine different regions for Fish Hunters to explore. 

Fishing Strike is available on iOS and Android. For more information on Fishing Strike, please visit the website at