Netmarble Corp, a top developer and publisher of high quality and entertaining mobile video games, is thrilled to officially launch its first entry for console gaming as Seven KnightsTime Wanderer –, a standalone gaming experience set within the broader Seven Knights mobile franchise, is now available on Nintendo Switch ™ via Nintendo eShop across 40 individual countries.


“With the Seven Knights franchise reaching its fifth anniversary, it is immensely gratifying to see the community respond positively to how the game is growing, and we wanted to honor that devotion by taking Seven Knights in a whole new direction,” said Young Jae Park, executive producer of Netmarble. “Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – on Nintendo Switch is a perfect introduction of the Seven Knights universe for players eager to experience an epic story with colorful Heroes and intense combat, and we are excited to bring fans our first console game to enjoy.”

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – is a visually stunning, real-time and turn-based RPG based on Seven Knights Mobile, which features all-new control and battle systems, and game content optimized for the Nintendo Switch. In addition, as a single-player RPG that provides the fun of deck building by using various heroes strategically, it also introduces its original story differently from the mobile version.


Seven KnightsTime Wanderer – focuses on the story of the eighth member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa, and her ultimate magical equipment, a sentient hourglass known as Sandy, as she embarks on a journey to return safely home after falling into the twists of space and time. Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – does not include any gacha system as players acquire in-game characters as they progress through the story.


Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – is available to download from Nintendo eShop for $19.99, while a ‘Special Edition’ that includes the Costume Set Bundle Pack is also available for $23.99. More information, images and trailers can be found on the official website and Twitter.


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