Rewards and Daily Events Await Players Following the New Knights Chronicle Update

Today, Netmarble Corp. released their latest update for the anime-inspired mobile role-playing game (RPG) Knights Chronicle introducing new characters and costumes, a new Advent Dungeon level, and many events for players to take part in.


An all-new Hero, Timur, has been added to Knights Chronicle and comes equipped with new skills and three costumes available to collect. The Hero Amon can also now be awakened and, by playing with Amon, players can get rewards such as Event Coins. In addition to three new costumes for the Hero Reina, players can experience the new Advent Dungeon level ‘Absolute Hell’ which runs until Sept. 10 (Sep 9 for other countries)


To celebrate the new update, Netmarble is hosting several in-game events for players to collect rewards, including:

  • Seven-Day Daily Check-In Event: A seven-day daily check in event with rewards such as SSR Ticket, Crystal, Gold and Rainbow Essence available for players to collect
  • Daily Check-In Event: Beyond the ‘Seven Day Daily Check-In Event’, new and returning players receive rewards such as SSR Selector, SSR Ticket, Crystal and Gold just by logging in
  • Coin Collection Event: If a player receives an update coin in the special dungeon, the player can exchange it for rewards

Knights Chronicle features classic turn-based role-playing gameplay, a beautiful Japanese animation-inspired art style and a compelling story showing the same standard of quality as console and PC RPGs. The game also sports standout features, including real-time party play where players can form parties of up to five players to challenge multiplayer dungeons, explosive 3D-animated skills that demonstrate the game’s flashy and gorgeously detailed visuals, and over 100 heroes for players to choose from.

Knights Chronicle is available now in 140 countries. For more information on Knights Chronicle, please visit

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