Netmarble Games announced today that it has introduced a new special hero ‘Yeonhee’ in the mobile RPG Seven Knights.

Yeonhee, who is the only female hero among the old four gods, is a hero that jumps all expectations, as she is usually asleep most of the time, but bursts into powerful action when in battle. This new hero, which is a cast spelling mage, can become invulnerable to all attack, increase attack accuracy, and decrease the defense power of all opponents, creating an effective environment for the allies.

The game also went through a big renewal apart from the new hero release. Evolution, synthesis, and transcendence are all possible from level 1. All of these features were originally available from hero level 30, but the level cap was lifted as of today.

The boost in hero/pet probability, which was only available at a certain time, will be available at all times. This allows a higher possibility for players to receive heroes and pets that they want.

A new check-in event is currently underway from June 1 which gives away various giveaways including a 6-star Seven Knights choice and 4-star Special Hero choice.

Seven Knights, which is popular among many players around the world, is a turn-based mobile RPG which allows players to collect and grow around 500 characters into stronger characters.

Download Seven Knight today at Google Play(URL), and Apple App Store(URL) for free.

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