Final Shot received three new maps in total; Desert White Hill with snow-covered landscape, Launch Site where close battle occurs at the site of satellite launch, H Street where combat occurs at city construction sites and building rooftops. The players are encouraged to make strategic approach, considering geographic feature of each map.

Besides, Netmarble added 4-on-4 mode to clan battle, two SS-level weapons, three new characters with the features and atmosphere of winter, and backpack-type accessories.

The update also included three new systems; Weapon Mastery / Upgrade / Enhance system, that allows the players to bolster their weapons with skill levels accumulated by weapon usage, Laboratory where the players can build up the weapon by themselves, and Live Training that assists fast adaptions of new players.

Marking this update, Netmarble is conducting friend invitation event and log-in event until Jan. 9th, and give away rewards, including new characters, S-level event weapon, A-level supply chest. Also it will hold a bonus event, offering double coins to those who enjoy standard battle, clan battle and single mode.

  • Three new maps, 4-on-4 clan mode introduced… Clan battle with greater fun
  • Tons of new contents unveiled, including SS-level weapon, new character and system
  • Bountiful rewards for event participants, including new character and S-level event weapon

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