Seven Knights Introduces New Special Hero ‘Roro’

Netmarble Games Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company in Asia, today announced that its mobile RPG Seven Knights introduced ‘Roro’ as a new special hero in the game.

Roro is a magical hero which was based on the Indonesian goddess, and has the concept of being the “Justice of the Ocean.” It has various skills that can be effective when fighting in the arena, and the hero is in great synergy with other magical heroes on the ally side.

Seven Knight also updated the quest icon within the leader icon. The leader icon, which was a recent addition to the game, added the quest icon which allows players to increase their abilities through icon achieved through play.

A new event which allows players to receive a special hero when synthesizing seven 6-star hero cards, will run until July 27. Heroes needed to synthesize will partially be given away through a push alert. Also, the Prosperity Package, which was only purchasable once per account, will now be reset and players will be able to receive rubies and various benefits through the package.

The game which has had global success and popularity is a turn-based mobile RPG with over 500 characters to collect and grow.

Seven Knights can be downloaded for free at:
Google Play:
App Store:

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