Netmarble Corp., the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, today launched a major update for its hit mobile role-playing game Knights Chronicle introducing new costume contents and new characters.

The new Costume feature will allow players to not only change the outfit of hero, but also increase the ability of heroes. Special Costumes even change the skill effects, and it will be worth collecting for players.

New aspects from the update will accelerate the growth of heroes. With the Badge system, newly added along with the costume, players can wear a badge in the costume, which can help the growth of heroes. The badges can be acquired from the Costume Badge dungeon. Enhancemon is newly added, and it will make enhancement much easier.

Two new SSR rate Heroes have also been introduced to Knights Chronicle in the latest game update today, Berdandi and Nikita. Berdandi is a member of the Draiden Elite, while Nikita is an arms dealer from the Underworld.

Starting after the update, attendance event and half stamina for dungeon events will also kick off, celebrating the update of the Costume update. Attending 7 days, player can acquire a new costume and 500 crystals as rewards.

Knights Chronicle is available in 140 countries. For more information on Knights Chronicle please