Netmarble Corp., introduced several new updates to the mobile role-playing game Knights Chronicle today. Among these updates are new Epic Quests for characters Theo and Leona, as well as a new Codex Growth System, new heroes, improvements to the Timespace Void and new Daily Achievements.

The Epic Quests tell the story of our heroes before the events of the game. Theo’s Epic Quest looks at his days as a Knight before he began his adventure. Leona’s Epic Quest takes a look back at her life in Esod Village a few years before her adventure with Theo. The Epic Quests consist of a total of 40 quests, and each quest provides rewards once completed. In addition, players can grow stronger through training at certain stages, and can craft exclusive SSR Special Costumes upon completing all of the quests. The Epic Quest’s Special Costume can be crafted free of charge if players have all the materials needed.
Theo and Leona will be converted to SSR Heroes upon equipping the costumes, making them more powerful.


The new Growth System in the Codex allows players to collect and grow heroes by unlocking permanent bonus stats along with rewards upon completion of the mission for heroes in the same group. The Timespace Void has also been improved by expanding to 20 floors and allowing players to engage in continuous combat, rather than having to select each successive floor manually.


In celebration of this update, There will also be huge Black Friday deals available from 22nd to 27th of November. Some of the costumes will be discounted 40% and popular SSR-grade characters will be available for direct purchase at a low cost. Also, players can acquire 2018 Black Coins playing Advent Dungeon, and trade them in for abundant rewards such as Grade SSR Shadow Guild selector.


Knights Chronicle is available in 140 countries. For more information on Knights Chronicle please