Iron Throne, Netmarble’s hit MMO strategy game, introduced several new updates on February 27th, including the Alliance-oriented Invasion Rift and the solo-player challenge Ancient People’s Trial, among others.

The Invasion Rift is a new Alliance-exclusive content which will encourage cooperative play, as Alliance members must defend their Alliance Castle against Dimensional Strongholds or Rift Strongholds that appear nearby. Alliance members will find that the only way to ensure victory is to work together against the Invasion Rift and destroy it before the enemy forces reach the Alliance Castle.

There is another new content for lords who pursuing their individual achievement. The new Ancient People’s Trial will allow them to prove their own strength in the Trial Steeple. Players who have reached castle level 20 or above will be able to take on the Trial Steeple when it spawns at a random location in the kingdom, which can be established by checking the world map. Players will start at the first level and as they progress, can select which level of the Trial Steeple they wish to take on and then deploy their troops. Players can repeatedly attack the levels they have already cleared, allowing them to earn rewards upon each successful attempt. Rewards include building upgrade items and even permanent buffs, which can be acquired by clearing the highest level of the Trial Steeple.

New Heroes Rand, Eldred and Toma can now be unlocked from the new achievement rewards in the Event Center. These characters were previously seen as NPCs in Town Mode, but have now become playable Heroes.

Finally, the White Dragon Outer Castle Skin is now available after reaching castle Lv35.

Iron Throne is available for iOS and Android platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information on Iron Throne, please visit the website at